Technology Strategy

“Bring us the difficult tech problems. We help you develop the strategies to solve them.”
Technology Strategy

Deep understanding of the underlying business is a prerequisite to great product development. The right strategy focuses and aligns the efforts of team members. It gives a framework for evaluating priorities and opportunities. It ensures that key assumptions are tested early, keeping open the opportunity for adjustments. The right partner brings a toolkit to help create that strategy and align development with business objectives.

Our expertise in technology strategy comes from deep experience across a wide range of projects. We've built projects across the spectrum, from consumer-facing apps to B2B SaaS businesses to analytics and internal tools. We've seen the full spectrum, so we can apply our insights to help craft the right approach for you.

Digital technology often touches many different facets of the business, whether you're developing an early-stage product or managing a complex ecosystem. We seek to fully understand your overall strategy from the very beginning. Only then do we help lay out recommendations, fully aligned with your overall goals.

Our toolkit starts with the fundamentals, understanding your core business model, then builds out to understand your value proposition, marketing channels, and operations.

With the fundamentals in mind, we help you define an approach to technology, whether that approach supports a broader overall strategy or sits at the very core of your business.

We are pragmatic. By aligning around strategy, we prioritize the most impactful opportunities first, bringing the greatest benefits for the least cost.

Finally, throughout the course of the project, we bring best practices around prototyping and rapid product development so you can test assumptions and iterate quickly to reach the right solution. Even when the assumptions in the strategy prove false, re-aligning around a new strategy is a crucial prerequisite to a successful pivot.

We like to say that choosing a consultancy means choosing its people. Our people bring more than their design and development skills. They bring insights, expertise, and a time-tested toolkit for delivering meaningful results.

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