Software Development

“Our development team thrives when the stakes are high. We work fast but never cut corners, building robust software that scales.”
Software Development

Ambitious plans come to life with technical execution that gets the details right. Operatic always builds software to achieve market success, working backwards from product strategy to the right technical framework, architecture, and toolkit.

Clean, properly-engineered software is critical in early-stage products, where requirements change rapidly. It's even more critical in the later stages of the product lifecycle, when a clean codebase saves costs and improves the reliability of each new feature.

We work with proven US-based developers, ensuring all of our software is well-designed and robust. Each of our developers has skills extending beyond simply programming, into testing, software architecture, user experience, and product management. This broader focus yields better product instincts and attention to detail, ensuring every project is completed with elegance and precision.

We don’t reinvent the wheel. The Operatic team is familiar with many of the major languages, frameworks, and libraries used in web and mobile development. Where appropriate, we save costs and increase reliability by incorporating existing open-source projects into our work. Often, we extend and modify when existing libraries doesn't quite match up with business requirements.

But we're also prepared for the tough technical challenges. If a problem hasn't been solved in an open-source library, our team embraces the custom build. While many of the common challenges have been solved, we excel particularly in designing and developing the unique aspects of a new product.

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