Product Management

“Complex projects are our specialty. We mix Lean Startup practices with a healthy dose of pragmatism, attaining the best outcomes with minimal risk.”
Product Management

New products thrive in the marketplace because they solve big problems for customers.

We help formulate new products based on customer needs, market forces, and long-term business vision. We utilize Customer Development and Lean Startup methodologies to test assumptions, iterate on solutions, and ensure viability at launch. These best practices from early-stage startups naturally apply to the launch and early growth of digital products, even in established companies.

For products that have achieved a strong market fit, the management role shifts to a process of guiding evolution. We help manage market research, customer feedback, analytics and optimization to help prioritize feature development, all in line with the core strategy. In addition, we coordinate with marketing efforts to ensure the target is meeting the early needs of inbound target customers.

The essence of product management is prioritization. We aggressively manage prioritization of features to align product development and marketing to the overall strategy of the organization. Managing priorities and work-in-progress keeps the team focused. Strong focus leads to successful outcomes.

Regardless of the stage of the product, we rely on agile methodology and continuous deployment. This flexible approach lets us keep up constant communication with stakeholders, and adapt quickly to changes (new priorities, customer feedback, strategic shifts, etc).

Product management solutions are never one-size fits all. For Operatic, every client relationship is a partnership. Our product management solutions are tailored to the needs of each client, working closely with the in-house team.

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