“We bring neither dogma nor fixed procedures. We tailor an approach to each client, applying best practices from across disciplines.”

Making it real. An idea becomes real when its effect on the world is realized. It’s not enough to just do the designs or write the code. We see projects through to being successful in the market.

Knowing the strategy. If you’re building a product, build it to succeed. Don’t half-ass it. Know the customer. Know the market. Know the differentiation. Know the competitive advantage. Know the growth trajectory.

Essentialism. Understand the essence of the idea. Know what makes the idea work. Pick apart the complexities of the problem, then iterate to find the most elegant solution.

Commit, pivot, commit. We commit to a single path to execute, but nothing is set in stone. We analyze continuously and shift to meet the needs of the market, then commit again and go.

The Right Way™. We’re not afraid of complexity. We don’t hack together an expensive and unmaintainable mess just to get the project done. We build clean software with US-based engineers, like an expert in-house team. We optimize for maintainability and flexibility. Because we’re committed to realizing a project’s success in the market, we build adaptable software that can evolve to meet the market need.

Polymathism. Our team members understand multiple disciplines. Each of us aims to see the bigger picture and provide deeper insight to make the ultimate project a success. None of us wears a single hat.

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