We bring ideas to market.


The rapidly-changing technology landscape confronts many companies with make-or-break decisions. Everyone faces these challenges, from startups to entrenched incumbents. Nailing the technology strategy and execution is the difference between failure and prosperity.


Operatic helps you craft the right strategy and solve the hard technology problems. We partner closely with each client to deliver not just quality software, but also real success in the marketplace. We consistently outperform consultances, accelerators, and in-house teams.

Our Ethos

Solving the most difficult challenges and realizing the most promising opportunities. We seek out ever larger and more impactful projects, creating a virtuous cycle of experience and success.


Our Values

When you choose a consultancy, you're choosing its people. Our values dictate who we hire to deliver the exceptional results we promise.


We bring neither dogma nor fixed procedures. We tailor an approach to each client, applying best practices from across disciplines.


Technology Strategy

Bring us the difficult tech problems. We help you develop the strategies to solve them.

Product Management

Complex projects are our specialty. We mix Lean Startup practices with a healthy dose of pragmatism, attaining the best outcomes with minimal risk.

Software Development

Our development team thrives when the stakes are high. We work fast but never cut corners, building robust software that scales.


We design products that are functional, usable, elegant, and most importantly: successful in the market.



We started in 2017 and we’re growing rapidly. Our team consists of the very best designers, developers, and product thinkers, working closely together and honing their crafts. Every project gives us new insights that we bring to our clients. We don’t just build software. We build businesses that succeed.


You’re a specialist in software design and development, but you could never stick with just one discipline. You’ve worked with new products and startups, maybe even launched a couple of your own. You love solving hard problems and building new things.

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PO Box 2513, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510